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We are a family of pest control specialists!

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We are a locally owned and operated family business who have a passion for keeping people pest free, in not only residential homes and businesses, but also non-profit organizations whose residence can sometimes have major difficulties staying pest free. As a family, and a business, we are proud to be in this line of work. To us pest control is not just about killing bugs, but about helping people!

The way our business name A.P. Pest Control came about, was one of the owners, Tim Cannon, was an exterminator at the time in Indianapolis and was spraying a low income housing apartment building. The current contract stated to spray for general pests, however, as he was spraying one of the units, he noticed that the tenant's bed was extremely infested with bed bugs. Knowing how much that person had to be suffering, he took it upon himself to strip the bed and sprayed the apartment for bed bugs. Two weeks had passed, and Tim saw the old man who he knew lived at the unit, he walked up to the old man and told him he needed to spray his apartment again. The old man, said "son, are you the one who sprayed my apartment?" and Tim responded, "yes I am", the old man said "young man, I have not slept so good in at least 9 months, I had been praying night after night, that God would send someone to help me get rid of those bugs, they would crawl all over me all night long and torment me, and you young man, were my answered prayer!" 

Tim knew at that moment moving forward, that God wanted him to name his company in Colorado Answered Prayer Pest Control! 

what does the A.P. stand for?